onsdag 28 januari 2009

Maui october 2008

Some quick words on the October trip to Maui:

First time visiting the island- definately not the last. Stayed with norwegian friend Tormod at Lalo Goyas house in Haiku. Really nice place 15 minutes drive from Hookipa with cool guys Lalo and Pio as next door neighbours. All the people we met were really nice and friendly.

First week turned out fairly flat. Had a few small days at Hookipa with 4.7-5.3 and <2m>

More swell kept hitting the north shores throughout the second week and the wind was pretty much 4.7 all the time except for one or two days with no wind at all (but BIG waves).

We also had one day with south swell so we went down to La Perouse Bay with norwegian guy Paal Rype who new the wereabouts and that place really went off. Lots of surfers in the water so we decided to stay out of it. Only windsurfer out was world cup sailor Camille and he scored some insane riding.

I am already looking forward to next years trip to Maui. I feel I have improved my staboard tack sailing a lot, especially the riding but the most important was probably losing some of that fear and respect for those big pounders. After all, it´s only water :-)


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