måndag 4 februari 2013

CV 2013 - day 10

Calm morning. Long breakfast. No rush. First day without wind since we arrived and we decide to drive around the island and do some sightseeing for a change. First we go to Burracona which is a natural pool formed by the lava just north of Almeira on the west coast. With the ocean being relatively calm, swimming in the pool is no problem and it´s a blessing to cool off in the crystal clear water. The kids are swimming about and jumping from the cliffs like there was no tomorrow. A local guy asks if he can borrow my mask to try and find some lost keys. Last week, he said, a tourist was swept into the pool by a big wave that almost had him killed but he got away with some broken bones, besides losing his camera and his car keys.

Burracona pool
Who need roads?


From Burracona we drive east through the dry land up to Espargos and then down hill to a small fishing town called Pedra de Lume on the east coast. Next to Pedra de Lume is an big crater in which there is an old salt production plant from the beginning of the 19th century. Now it is mostly a tourist thing even though some production still seems to be going on. For 5 euro they let you in to see the place (which is pretty spectacular) and you can even take a swim in one of the salt pools. Just like the Dead Sea - and you don't have to go to Israel...


After the mandatory swim in the super salt water, we go back to Pedra de Lume for a freshening swim in the ocean. The beach in Pedra de Lume is actually pretty nice and with the calm sea, Peter, Eje and I go snorkeling off the rocks. The tiger sharks are only active at night, right? SUP and boogie boarding is also on the agenda before we finally head back south with the sun going down behind us. A beer at Angulo's and fish of the day at Compad - what a day!

Salt crystalls
Rasmus on SUP

Fish of the day - at Compad

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