lördag 2 februari 2013

CV 2013 - day 9

Accoording to the forecast for the coming days, the sunny, warm weather will continue but it seems like the wind will be less strong. No stress! After breakfast and some school work we fill up the car with toys and go search for wind and waves. We decide to go north and check Sectret spot. Secret spot (aka Tras Leao meaning "behind the mountain") is one of the first spots to get a good wave if the swell is not that big. The easiest way to Secret is taking the main road past Murdiera and then simply take left in the roundabout and head out in the waste land. Once offroad just continue until you reach the water and then turn right :-)

Just south of Mount Leao there is a nice point break for surfing and in the bay there is a sandy beach with waist high water a long way out. Perfekt for boogie boarding and surfing. Secret spot turns out to be to small for sailing so we continue a bit up on the mountain and around the corner and there we find a big bay with really nice lines.

Going counter clockwise around Mt Leao turns out to be mission impossible - even for our Ford XLT - so we have to drive back the way we came.

in the back seat

Beyond Secret

We finally end up at the beach on the foot of Mt Leao. Nice, easy surfing and boogie boarding with the kids. Around noon the wind suddenly picks up and we get some fun port tack sailing for a change in the small waves - all for ourselves.
Lukas doing the bird?


Peter Mattsson - the man, the myth

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