tisdag 5 februari 2013

CV 2013 - day 12

After a couple of days with light wind and no swell, things seem to be turning around. Driving past Canoa the wind is definately happening but the waves are still small so we stop at Mt Leao where the beach is more child friendly. Karin rigs up a 4.7 but soon has to change to 4.2 as the wind is picking up even more. A small wave is rolling in around the point but most of all it's really windy!

Karin over-powered with 4.7

While Karin, Peter and Eje are blasting around over the white caps, I and the kids take the car to see if maybe Secret is working - and it is!! Half mast to logo 4,7 and only three guys on the water.

We go back to wait for the others to run out of battery and after a quick tuna sandwich Peter and I head back to Secret. Still 4.7 and some really nice sets lining up on the reef. One of the guys just broke his mast and after a short while the remaining two guys go back in and there I am, cross off-shore 4.7 and a 16s swell - all to myself. Pretty un-fucking-believable! I even have my own camera man on the beach, thanks a bunch Peter!!

Secret Spot

Long lines...

Gusty on the inside

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