onsdag 6 februari 2013

CV 2013 - day 13

Waking up with a smile after yesterday's session at Secret and looking forward to whatever mother nature has in store for today! The swell is supposed to pick up in the afternoon and could reach up to 3.5 m tomorrow. With a wave period of 15-16 s things could get really disco.

Karin goes flatwater sailing in the morning with 5.3 and 78L Guerilla while the kids rip in the shorebreak with their boogieboard. The boogie we brought with us from home is starting to fall apart so Lukas spent Gandmas Christmas money on a new one the other day. Rasmus is pretty keen on doing the same so on the way to the Pier we stop by the surf shop to spend the rest of Grannys money.
At around three we head back to the Angulo beach to find Karin, Peter and Eje tired but stoked after a great day on the water. Looking down towards Ponta Sino there is still not much of a swell but we decide to give Canoa a chance anyway. So we load up and twenty minutes later Peter and I are rigging up 5.3. Fun sailing and some really long lines. However, as the day start to fade and the few people on the water starts to drop off, the predicted swell finally hits the island and we get some super nice sets as the sun starts to go down over Mount Leao. Wow!

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