måndag 4 februari 2013

CV 2013 - day 11

Morning walk to the bakery

Waking up to another lovely day. Maybe a bit more wind than yesterday? Morning walk to the bakery with the kids. Half kilo bananas from the fruit woman on the corner.

Karin prefers to sail "at home" today so after breakfast we all head down to the beach and while Peter, Karin and Eje go out sailing the boyz go for a little dirt road drive. Everyone gets a go. Lesson two: the gas pedal.

The Pier

In the afternoon we take the car to the pier to see if there are any waves but it is too flat for surfing so Rasmus and Lukas play around in the shorebraek while daddy stays in the beach. Lukas also discovers the outdoor capeverdian concrete gym on the beach and decides to do some workout.

In the evening - dinner at Ojo de Agua with Peter, Eje and the house band.

The beach gym

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