söndag 27 januari 2013

CV 2013 - Day 3

Standing on the beach at Angulo's and looking out over the Santa Maria Bay, you'll see the point called Ponta Sino on the other end of the Bay. When Ponta Sino is breaking there is usually a good idea to head for the west coast since this means the swell is big enough to create good waves there. This morning Ponta Sino was awake..

Still on drugs though, and with little wind to worry about, we spent the morning at the Angulo centre where the kids could do their daily homework and just relax.

After a couple of hours we decided to go and check out the waves at Ponta Preta. The wind was too light and too offshore for windsurfing but a few kiters and numerous surfers were out playing in the respectful waves. Just watching the power of these waves is food for the soul.
Ponta Preta surfer

Ponta Preta kiter
Going back to Santa Maria I couldn't help taking a photo of the pickup guy with his son playing in the front seat. Appearantly daddy's day to at "home".

In the afternoon we went to the Pier again where Rasmus and Peter went out to catch some waves...

Rasmus catching a wave at the Pier

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