tisdag 29 januari 2013

Cv 2013 - day 8

Another day on the west coast. Wind still strong, and even stronger in the Murdiera area. To please the Kids we go to Caleta Funda first where there is a nice little beach in the secluded bay. Peter and Eje wants to try Canoa so we decide to split up and reunite again after lunch. Eje, Rasmus, Peter and I drive back to Canoa to drop the old guys off. On the way back Rasmus takes the wheel and drives the whole way back on the dirt road. Ride on little man!

Caleta Funda
When we get back Karin, Rasmus and Lukas head for the water while I take a nap in the sun. After the usual tuna-sandwich-and-water lunch we head back to Canoa and finish the day off with a nice afternoon windsurfing session.

Back in Santa Maria we stop by Angulo for a cold beer and another magic sunset.
Cape Verde sunset

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