söndag 27 januari 2013

CV 2013 - day 6

Check the sailor on the right break
The usual morning routine down here is me and Lukas getting up at aound 8 to go to bakery to buy bread for the day and some bananas from the women selling fruit on the street. the This morning Rasmus joined as well and we also stopped by the local "hole-in-the wall" grocery shop to buy some more water and tuna.

After breakfast Peter and Eje stopped by the apartment. Windguru forecast still solid and a small wave at Ponta Sino so we went down to Angulo's to see if we could get a ride to the west coast.

With the pickup filled up with three sets of gear and two kids we headed for Canoa which seemed to be the spot of the day and at 10 we were already on the water with 5.3 and a decent wave. Rasmus and Lukas were a bit pissed at first since there is hardly any beach at Canoa but after a while they found themselves playing on the lava rock looking for stones and shells in the white sand.

The wave at Canoa is not as fast as on the other spots on the west coast so it's a really good place to start out at. After a short lunch break we went out again and sailed the rest of the afternoon. Both the left and the right reef was breaking and at one point the right reef produced a nice fast wave until it broke on the rocks to the right of the launch beach. Sweet!
I love my North ICE 5.3

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