måndag 28 januari 2013

CV 2013 day 7

Since we arived the aim was to rent a pick-up of our own to be able to find the best spots and sail more than one spot on one day. Unfortunately, up until this day there hasn't been much for rent because of all the kiters celebrating christmas on the island and taking every pick-up available to kite-beach. Anyway, the girl at Global Africa promised us a car from this morning on and for 50 euro per day we were finally mobile. 4WD mobile that is, because to get around the island of Sal you definately need some serious weels since most roads are off road.

After picking up the car we drove to Ponta Preta to check that place first but like so many times before the wind was far to light and too offshore for sailing. On our way up north we stopped at kite beach (aka shark bay, since this is where the tiger sharks live, probably because of the latge amount of kiters :-). Kite beach is actually a very nice stretch of white sandy dunes but the wind is onshore and a short, mushy windwave makes it less ideal for wavesailing. Driving up to Canoa you could see a coulple of sails flash in the sun at Caleta Funda. However, with a nice wave at Canoa we decided to follow the golden rule of surfing, "never leave good waves to go search for other waves".
Kite beach aka Shark bay

Karin launchig off the tiny beach at Canoa

Rasmus getting washed

Peter chasing a nice one

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