fredag 25 januari 2013

CV 2013 - Day 1

2 January 2013
Getting up at stupid o'clock - but for a good cause... Take off at 0830, leaving the cold grey behind. Seven hours to the Canaries. Crew switch and then another two to Sal. And suddenly you're in another world, an other time. No work, no worries. Harmony, your mind and body starts to wind down. After the 15 minutes drive down to Santa Maria we check in at Ponta Preta Apts, a simple but nice place to stay just meters from the beach. At the Angulo centre we meet Goran from Kroatia (eh?) who is running the place since a few years back. Really nice cool guy. We are all a bit hungry after the flight and Lukas starts to get really tired so we decide to find a place nearby to get something to eat. Unfortunately we end up waiting for our pizzas forever and when they finally arrive Lukas has fallen asleep.

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