söndag 27 januari 2013

CV 2013 - Day 4

Karin in need for speed
Windy, sunny day and my last day on antibiotics. Hopefully tomorrow all the systems will be up and running again. Karin, Peter and Eje from Stockholm go sailing at the Angulo centre and we stay to watch. Flat water thanks to the offshore wind - just a small wave on the point of Ponta Leme. Karin is loving it, nailing gype after gype on the turqoise water.

Later on, me and the kids leave the so-called-adults playground and take a walk to the old harbour - kids playground. Snorkeling, boogieboarding and playing in the sand while dad is reading his book under (!) somebody's sun chair in a lame attempt to escape the burning sun.

In the evening we go to our favorite resturant in town - Compad - for a nice tuna steak and a big Sagres beer. Peter is explaining one of his more useful apps for the kids - what happens when you drink x amount of beer in y amount of time.

Funny guy

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