söndag 23 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 0

Arrived in Maui last night after a long and a bit stressful journey. Everything turned out fine but there is always some stress between flights and also the stress over your equipment - will everything turn up or will something be missing? Well, at last we touched down at Kahului internationa airport on Maui´s north shore, found the car after takling to Kimo over the phone, and there it was in the pitch dark parking with the keys in the secret place. No gas in the tank so we had to find a place to fill up our golden Subaru Forester. We had been promised a mini-van but unfortunately there weren´t any available at the moment. "-come in monday and we´ll see what we can do-". After a quick stop at a supermarket tah turned out to ave almost anything, except a lot of food, we arrived at the house at Camp One. The darkness is so much more intense than what we are used to at home. Here you can see a million stars, but on the other hand that´s about the only thing you can see. Our japanese landlord Yasu (a former professional windsurfer) met at the gate and showed us the apartment that was bigger than we had first imagined and really cosy too. After a couple of bowls of Cherrios and milk and half an hour of sugar high kids playing in their new bedroom, we all finally fell asleep.

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