onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 4

This morning we stod up early and went to Hookipa beach park to snorkle with the turtles. Rasmus, Lukas and I paddled out on our boogieboards in the shelterd bay at Pavillions - and there they were, sticking their heads up just a few meters away. After a while the waves took over the interest and both Rasmus and Lukas were drawn to the small waves breaking on the inside. With a little helping push they both got nice rides all the way in. After lunch we went down the small dirt road to Sprecks and found the wind had picked up. Karin rigged 4,7 and went out sailing for the first time on Maui. Since she is till on penicillin she only sailed for 30 minutes and with loads of sunscreen on. I got to sail fully powered up with 4,7 as well. Unfortunately zero swell and a high tide made Sprecks totally flat so no riding today.

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