lördag 29 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 6

Friday is game day! This morning the boys woke us up asking if they could do their homework!!??? "...so that we can play more later..." When it became clear to Lukas that the LEGO StarWars game AND the game pads AND daddy's laptop were left at home he cried for half an hour while Rasmus was playing minecraft. Luckily enough fridays only happens once a week :-)

After brakfast I had to go into town to pick up the new car, a Dodge caravan Minivan with a bit more space than our Subary Forester. A also found the AT&T store and bought a sim card for local calls.

This was probably the coolest day so far, "only" 80F and a bit cloudy. In the afternoon wewent down to Kanaha with the windsurfing gear, the boogoie boards and one of Yasu's SUPs just in case. When we arrived after the ten minute drive, the wind had picked up and some swell had started to build. Karin went out with 5.3 but had to change to 4.7 and even this was too big so I went out instead. Then the wind dropped and i rigged the 5.3 again. Had a couple of nice rides and the last half hour before sunset was magic with glassy waves and only a few of us out.

Back at the house at around 6:30 for some school work and late supper. Tomorrow looks promising with more wind and a north swell coming in. Aloha!

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