lördag 29 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 7

This morning we did some laundry and relaxed in the house. The weather was a bit up and down with showers followed by sunshine. We went to Hookipa at noon to watch the competition and perhaps go for a boogie board session with the kids again. Lukas went out in the waves with Karin this time (I didn't feel 100% - hope it's not a cold coming...) so me and Rasmus stayed on the beach to relax, take a swin in the natural pool and spot turtles. Actually a big turtle went up on the beach to take some sun before it went back into the turqoise water again. Lukas patiently explained to Karin the nature and secrets of being out in waves, how to catch theem and so on and actually Karin did get a few rides. Good work there, Lukas! In the afternoon the wind picked up and a few logo high sets rolled into the bay. We went to Kuau and I swimmed out the channel for the first time with 5.3. I didn't really get any nice rides though. It was a high tide and extremely choppy. Did get a couple of wipe-outs though so made me feel more familiar with the new spot. At sunset there was more rain as we went into Paia town to buy saturday candy on our way bacak to the house, dinner and a good night sleep.

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