tisdag 25 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 2

Woke up at stupid oclock this morning. The kids started doing thieir school work at 4 am!!! We can not find the battery charge cable for the laptop so now I am blogging on my Nokia. Have to keep it short until we have found a new cable...Went to Hookipa beach park in the morning and the kids went swimming in the natural pool. Went back to the house for lunch. In the afternoon the wind picked up and I got a nice three hour 5,3 session at Kanaha in beautiful boom to headhigh looong lines. The kids had a nice three hour boogie board session in the shorebreak and Karin had a three hour session in the shade of the high pine trees. Also met Tormod and Sigurd. When we were about to leave Kanaha the car refused to start. Batter totally dead after five minutes playing the radio with the engine turned off. Luckily we got help to jump start the car. Have to check in at Kimo's tomorrow morning...

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