måndag 24 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 1

Woke up surprisingly late and actually had to wake up the kids at 8:30. Breakfast on the balcony with a reaally nice view over the calm see with some small waves breaking on the outside reef. Ramus and Lukas were of course very keen on going for a swim so right after breakfast we all went down the small path to the white sandy beach and turqoise water. Really hot now, probably over 30C. Me and Lukas went in first while Rasmus - as always - was a bit more cautious respecting the shore break. After the swim we went back to the house for a little jet-lag mid-day nap. No wind for sailing today so after the nap we went into town and did some shopping; hallowen costumes at K-mart and then food shopping at Safeway. After that back to the house for a nice pasta bolognese in the shade of the lanai. In the late afternoon we took the car to Kanaha to see if we could find Tormod and to go for another swim while the sun set behind the cloudy mountains. Some windsurfers swimming back in told tales that there had been some sailng after all, no matter the light wind. There was still a decent swell creating head high to logo waves at uppers. Tomorrow...

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