måndag 31 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 9

Today the wind was supposed be quite light so we decided to take a trip to the south of the island and do some surfing. First we went to the Hi-Tech store to rent a longboard from swedish guy Alex. We also brought one of Yasu´s SUP's and the boogieboards. Rasmus wanted to go to baby beach instead - he is always a bit conservative. Anyway we ended up at Launiupoko after a 30 minute drive and of course the kids loved this place too; nice little beach surrounded bu green areas and shading trees and small clean waves up to thigh high. The fact that there was almost no wind makes this place a lot hotter than the north shore.

Lukas went out on the 9'2" longboard and I swam out with him and helped him catch his first waves. He actually managed to stand up pretty much right away and after a while he was out paddling aTERl by himself. Unfortunately I managed to step on a samll sea urchin that went right through my wetshoe and into my foot. It must have had a lot of poison because it hurt a lot more than usual but it faded away after 10-15 minutes.

Karin and Rasmus also went out on the longboard. Karin turned out to be a natural, standing up almost directly and surfed the small waves all the wai into shore. Myself, still feeling a bit slow from my cold, went out on the 9'6" SUP. Very wonky but after a while I managed to actually SUP it. Saw a small turtle too (I was glad it was a turtle) and could paddle right up to it before ir gave med the turtle look and gently swam down underneath my board.

While most other familys had brought big trunks with food we sat there with four bananas and an apple so after a couple of hours we had to go for some food. We drove int the small village of lahaina and had a go on the local golden gull.

After some necessary shopping at Safeway we went home, changed, and went to Paia for some trick or treat. In every corner and every shop the shopowners gave away candy to the kids. This was the best Halloween ever said Rasmus 30 minutes and half a kilo of candy later.

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