onsdag 26 oktober 2011

Maui 2011, day 3

Mornings on Maui is the best time of the day. Calm, fresh and no hot sun burning your skin. After breakfast and the mandatory morning school session, I went to town to get a new Laptop cable and Karin and the kids went down to the beach by the house. Found a universal cable at Walmart for $62 = 420 SEK - for a cable!!

Lunch in Paia (they do know how to make burgers in this country) and then off to Hookipa. Kids in the pool. A nice litte NE swell and slightly off shore 5.0 winds made the place look pretty nice. Unfortunately it was really over crowded and very choppy and difficult to find the right waves. In the end though, it was nice to have that first Hookipa session, but I must say Kanaha yesterday was more fun and a lot cleaner with glassier faces.

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