tisdag 1 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 10

Today we spent most of the day at Baby beach. The wind didn't kick in as it usually does around noon and the weather was a bit cloudy from time to time. I still felt a bit fuzzy so I tried to stay in the shade reading my book. At four we went back to the house for some pasta. While the spagetthi was boiling I walked down to the beach to have a look and the wind was actually blowing like 15-20 knots and a lot of kiters and boardsailors were out sailing. I asked Karin but she had some pain in here side and didn't want to sail. I ate at the speed of light and packed the car. Sun sets at around 6:30 here so if I hurried I could probably get an hour or so on the water before darkness and awakening of the beasts:-) Had a really nice session with 5.3 and perhaps 5-6 guys out. Some nice clean shoulder high sets and I even managed to pop a little aireal. At the end the wind dropped and I went in with a half moon shining through my sail and a turtle popping his head up saying good night. Tomorrow we hope for more wind. Aloha!

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