lördag 5 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 13

Last night we had a minor bug-invation in our bedroom. We've had them before, like two or three sitting duck on the ceiling, easy kill. This time it started out with five or six but after killing those, twenty or so more followed and another fifty were on their way in through the 'closed' balcony mosquito net. I was forced to go out and empty a bottle of RAID all over the balcony doors. This stuff kills instantly but also smells quite a lot. So much actually that we had to abandon our bedroom and sleep in the kid's room.

In the morning we woke up to the sound of distant thunder and gale force winds blowing in the palm trees. Dark blue clouds on the horizon and so cold that we had to put on hoodies at breakkfast.

After a look at the Kehei webcam we could see that the south shore was sunny and we decided to go to La Perouse bay. La Perouse is a secluded piece of coastline on the south shore. You drive south past Kehei until the road ends. Then you walk. The trail is really beautiful with big trees hanging out over the turquoise water and small coral beaches mixed with the frozen lava rock. We walked all the way out to the surfspot to watch the majestic swell release its energy as it hit the rocks just in front of us.

On the way back we stopped at a small sheltered bay where some people were out snorkeling. We all went in with our masks and fins and explored another part of Maui´s wildlife; clownfish, yellow fish, allkindsof fish. The kids were really stoked.

At four we headed back to the North Shore and Hookipa for a late afternoon session. Logo high sets at Hookipa can actually be pretty scary. Partly because your gear will end up on the rocks if you loose it but mostly because Hookipa is Hookipa. We were only like 4-5 guys out so there were plenty waves for everyone - not usually the case in this spot.

Afterwards we went to Flatbread and had their famous pizza and a big beer. Great ending to a great day - except for Rasmus who is sick in the bathroom as I write. Let's hope it's not the Pizza...

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