tisdag 8 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 17

The first thing that happens each morning is that the kids go up and watch Cartoon Network. I can understand they like it but I still don't like it. So, this morning I killed the TV and we went down to the beach instead to say good morning to another beautiful day on this island.

.After breakfast, including splitting the remaining choco-milk very brotherly, there was a little family conflict where Rasmus wanted to go to the south side to snorkle and Karin wanted to sail. We agreed to go sailing first and do some snorkeling in the afternoon. Karin went out with 4.2 while I went out on the big SUP with Lukas in front. It was hard work to paddle upwind but good fun to go downwind with the windwaves, and no surprise Lukas enjoyed.

At 2:30 we packed up and headed to Hookipa where there was still some wind and waves. I was a bit optimistic and went out on my small board with 4.7 only to find myself hopelessly underpowered. I had to struggle to gain height and get myself back in.

We had promised the kids we would go snorkeling and so we did, well, Karin stayed on the beach with her book while the boyz went out in the sheltered bay at Pavillions.

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