lördag 12 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 21

Before we left this morning the coconut guy was cutting down coconuts in our garden and asked if we wanted some. He got his machete and opened one up for us. He explained there are many different kinds. These were probably Samoan, he said. Nice fresh taste, not too sweet. Lukas tried as well but Rasmus was sceptic.

Another epic day at Kanaha, logo high sets and fully powered up on a 4,7. So many awesome rides, 6-7 turns on some waves, and even a couple of aireals. Karin was overpowered on her 4.2 today as well but struggled and nailed a few gybes despite the insane chop on the inside. Next time we'll bring the 3.7.

We decided to leave Kanaha while still light today so the last session had to end at five. Hard not to ride that last wave but my hands started to say no anyway.

Packed up and went to Safeway to by food and Saturday candy - not sure what was the most important... At the parking we saw a really cool car and we just had to get some pics. Perhaps we could trade in the Passat for one of those..?

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