lördag 5 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 14

Friday is gameday but since we were out most of the day yesterday we had promised the boys the could play Saturday morning if they stood up early. So, at 6:30 this morning Lukas came in to us requesting help to start up the computer.

After breakfast we wanted to go sailing and the kids wanted to go snorkeling. We went sailing at Sprecks, me on a 4.7 and Karin on a 4.2, both of us pretty overpowered. I got a chance to get tuned in on the 74L JP twinzer quad. The waves were a bit disorganized, windswell and high tide is not the best combination. Had a couple of decent rides though as the waves lined up better later in the day.

Rasmus and Lukas shredded the shorebreak into pieces on their boogieboards, stoked as ever.

In the late afternoon I went to town to get some more food while Karin started with the carbonara. After dinner she went on with tomorrows pasta sallad while the kids did their homework and I did what I do best - relaxed in the sofa.

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