fredag 18 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 26

Both Rasmus and Lukas think it is unfair we get to sail every day and they don't get to surf every day. To even things out we went to Launiupoko in the morning and then we went to Hookipa in the afternoon. Launiupoko was very flat due to a small swell and a high tide. Rasmus started on the SUP-board and Lukas on the surfboard and then they switched. I got maybe twenty minutes on the SUP while the kids jumped the shorebraek with their boogies.

At noon we headed back to the North Shore and I went out with 5.3 on Hookipa. Some really nice head high sets and pretty glassy and very gusty. I was a bit out of shape though and didn't get much out of it. My second session was better with a couple of nice rides but most of the time was spent lulling around tring to find a good wave.

Let's hope for some more wind tomorrow because it's our last chance...

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