torsdag 10 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 19

Breakfast on the balcony while the rain was pouring outside. Kind of relaxing actually. After a washing machine and some school work we went to Kanaha at 10:30 but the squalls kept rolling in so we made a quick decision, turned around and headed for Launiopoko on the south coast. On this side of the island, about 30 min drive from the north shore, the sun was shining but the clouds sat heavily on top of the mountain and we even had a few drops coming our way. Lukas went out on the longboard and Rasmus took his boogieboard. The waves were small but glassy. I helped Lukas with a little take off push while Rasmus managed to drop in without assistance.

After a nice session we went back in, had something to eat and headed back to the North Shore to windsurf. Half way we could see that there were still big dark clouds in the north so we went east down to Big Beach instead to do some snorkeling.

Big Beach turned out to be a long, wide, white sand beach with a huge lava rock in one end. Me and Rasmus went out snorkeling and Karin and Lukas went playing around in the shore break. The water here turned out to be very clear and it got like 4-5m deep almost directly - perfekt for the light and shallow enough to dive down and explore the bottom and all the colourful fish. Rasmus is starting to feel really comfortable snorkeling now and we were out for a good half hour and pretty far out too. I know there are sharks here sometimes so I tried to keep watch. If they are black tipped you don't have to worry, if they haven't - swim back in. Luckily we didn't see anything bigger than clown-fish.

Back on the North Shore the weather was still cloudy with occational rain. We probably could have sailed but perhaps we needed a day off and the kids had a really nice day so what the heck...

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