måndag 21 november 2011

Maui 2011, last days of disco

Last day on Maui! No, last day THIS YEAR on Maui. Plans for the day are: Kanaha first, then Hookipa, then packing the gear, eat and go to the airport at 7PM.

At 11AM we arrived at Kanaha and Karin rigged up 4.2. I rigged up 4.7 and went out as well. Fairly flat on the inside, knee-high crap-waves on Lowers and lots of wind. Even too much for 4.7 at times. I went out to practice starboard tack forwards and got pretty dialed in after a while. Good for Asa. Also got some nice snappy rides despite the poor wave quality. Back on the beach I talked to some of the Italian guys who said Hookipa was very flat. When more of the Hookipa people arrived I decided to skip that spot today and go on at K - wich was actually quite fun. We sailed until 4PM when we headed back to the house, had a shower and packed up for the inevitable trip home.

After a problem-free check-in we left Maui at 9:51PM. The plan was to try and sleep as much as possible to be able to spend the following day in SF. Things rarely turns out as planned. No sleep on the plane. Instead we all fell asleep on the airport after landing and woke up too late to be able to rent the car we had reserved. Actually Hertz talked us out of it and said the risk of being stuck in traffic was a factor we should consider. Well, what the heck. That bridge will probably still be there next time.

At 2PM the plane to Frankfurt took off and we had a good 10+ hour flight to look forward too. Hardly no sleep on this flight either so when we arrived in Frankfurt we all felt pretty stoned.

Frankfurt was a mess compared to SFO. We had to walk a long way to find our gate and finding some decent food was mission impossible. Karin ended up buying us two Gorby-like pizzas - uoch!

Once on the final plane home I and Lukas fell asleep instantly. Karin tried to sleep without success and Rasmus - who had been seated two rows behind - was busy telling his neighbours pretty much everything about everything. Talkativity is not his main porblem.

We landed in Gothenburg at 2PM, didn't get our baggage and got picked up by my father who drove us home to my parents house for some dinner. Smooth!

At 8PM we were all asleep in our own soft beds - dreaming about waves and the next trip to the islands.

Maui No Ka Oi

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