söndag 13 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 22

This morning we woke up to the sight of the garden palm trees NOT moving. Haven't seen that for a while. After an extra-fruity breakfast (Water melon, apple and pineapple) we went to Kanaha for the third day in a row. Rasmus felt a little sick and wanted to relax in the car instead of going down to the beach. Next time I looked he was sitting reading his book - George's secret key to the universe - without anyone had asked him! First time that ever happened.

At eleven the wind had picked up and Karin went out with 5.3. The waves were a lot smaller than the past days and the conditions inside were less choppy. Karin-conditions! I sat with the cam-corder and got many nice gypes and also a bit of wave sailing if not wave riding. After a while I rigged up the 4.7 and shlogged out to the reef. There were some occasional shoulder high sets and I had a few nice ones down the line.
Yesterday we had promised the Kids we'd go to the other side of the island this afternoon but Karin wanted to sail more so we had to make a deal that we would go early tomorrow morning instead AND that the boys could buy something in the store later on AND that they could try the SUP. Deal.

Karin went out for a second session and the rest of us went out paddling on the SUP-board. After a while both Rasmus and Lukas got the hang of it and paddled up and down the beach. Fun

When Karin got back up I went back in and had another go. The wind had increased and some small sets kept coming. Had like 3-4 turns on some of the better ones.

After the surf we went to Walmart to close the Deal - more candy :-/.
Home made burgers and a beer closed the day.

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