måndag 7 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 16

Today we went to Kanaha really early. That means we were on site before 11AM. Before 11 in the morning "No person shall operate a sailboard at Kanaha Beach Park" - it's the law! So, at 10:57 Karin had rigged up her 4.2 and was ready to go. Lots of wind and choppy conditions but smaller waves on the reef than yesterday. Karin has a fling of shark paranoia and when she saw three giant sea-turtles outside the reef, just lying there under the surface, her brain registered three giant tiger sharks instead and she managed to make the quickest tack in history and head back in.

It's amazing how many seniors are out there sailing. It is good to know that we don't have to quit this sport just because we're getting older. But why is he wearing a wetsuite?

I went out for a short session but 4.2 was a bit small for me and the waves were small so I decided to save myself for Kuau later on.

The kids spent most of the time in the water and a little time in the shade doing their homework. A Maui beach is not such a bad classroom after all..

At three we went back to the house where I loaded up with a powerbar and went on to Kuau for an afternoon session. 4-5 guys out with 4.7 and headhigh waves breaking on the reef. Not very long lines though but enough punch in the lip to get some good top turns. The wind dropped gradually as the sun set behind the mountain when it was my turn to spot some tiger sharks. This time it was a group of dolphins racing upwind about 50 meters away. Wonderful!

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