fredag 11 november 2011

Maui 2011, day 20

Today Kanaha was epic! Solid logo high sets with occational mast high peaks and clean glassy faces, especially in the afternoon. We went out at 11:30 and sailed pretty much the whole day until the sun set at 6, me on 4.7 and Karin on 4.2.

I finally found the key to my top turns today. It's all about moving your aft hand up the boom, really close to to the front hand. This opens up the sail in a natural fluent way allowing you to turn the board back on the top of the wave in any way you want. Also, the glassy faces resulted in some awesome bottom turns. I had so many turns on the wave today it was unreal! After a short lunch break I was out there again and the sets just kept on pumping. A lot of people of course. Probably more than a hundred sailors out at mid day. But lowers is a long wave and it's room for 3-4 people ridig the same wave. Also a lot of good sailors out which made it all the more fun. Actually shared a couple of waves with PWA sailor Nayra Alonso.

Rigged down in the dark and then went straigh to McDonald´s to fuel up. Going home to make dinner is just not an option after sailing these conditions for six hours.

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